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Top Climbers Gather in Squamish for Festival

The Arc’teryx Climbing Academy is off to a great start. On the first night, Hazel Findlay and Brette Harrington’s presentations entertained the biggest audience to attend the event.

Light showers on Friday kept most climbers away from the big routes, but many still sessioned shorter lines. There was a few big sends that went down that will be reported about next week.

The Squamish Exposed “competition” has teamed six photographers with six Arc’teryx climbers and six climbers who applied.

Top climbers include Findlay, Harrington, Marc-Andre Lelcerc, Luka Lindic, Ines Papert, Jon Walsh, Raphael Slawinski, Will Stanhope, Leslie Timms, Katie Bono, Hayden Kennedy and Jesse Huey.

For the full schedule see here.

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