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Tour de Bloc 14 at Grand River Rocks, Seven Bays and Gniess

Tour de Bloc 14 is heading into its final weeks of the 2016/17 season. This was one of the most memorable years with more climbers than ever competing at the 17 events so far this year. Below are Open results for Tour de Blocs at Grand River Rocks in Ontario, Seven Bays Bouldering in Halifx and Gniess Climbing in Kelowna.

Three @tourdbloc comps this weekend! Here is a shot from @sevenbays! #tdb4life #climbing #bouldering #indoorclimbing

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Grand River Rocks Male/Female Results
1. Jakob Elliot / Bronwen Karnis
2. Dylan Saffery / Justine McCarney
3. Erik Libbe / Lia Wieckowski
4. Jamie Roy / Bridget Weiss
5. Anthony Richards / Pia Graham
6. Florent Balsez / Allie Nishi
7. Joe Skopec / Liz Maffett
8. Rahul Sapra / Isabelle Gibbs
(Full results here)

Gneiss Climbing Male/Female
1. Matt Hendsbee / Samantha Li
2. Mark Derksen / Sabrina Griffin
3. Simon Griffin / Zoe Whalen
4. Kiefer Burrows / Staci White
5. Pat Waddington / Jessica Zotto
6. Lucas Colleaux / Jessica Merrill
(Full results here)

Seven Bays Bouldering Male/Female
1. Taylor Kilgour / Jen Wright
2. Seb Pacey-Smith / Emily Cote
3. Shawn Fairweather / Krista Demolitor
4. Francois Cote / Samantha Peverill
5. Seb Bois / Carlie Dunbar
6. —- / Linda Fan
(Full results here)