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Tour de Bloc 14/ACA: Sethna and Goldhoff Win at Grip It

Grip It in Saskatoon hosted a Tour de Bloc/Alberta Climbing Association event on Nov. 26. The popular gym owned by leading climber Jason Holowach had a number of top veteran climbers competing. Below are Finals results from Open and first place finishers from all categories. For full results see here. Watch some of Finals below, the sideways video straightens out.

Open Results Male/Female
1. Eric Sethna / Julia Goldhoff
2. Scott Eveleigh / Eva Thompson
3. Robin Macmillan / Alyssa Weber
4. Mark Derksen / Regan Kennedy
5. Guian Gumpac / Samantha Li
6. Mitch Dear / Annalisa Dick

Youth A Male/Female: Tyson Martino / Katrina Sutley
Youth B Male/Female: Tyler White / Paige Boklaschuk
Youth C Male/Female: Jamie Ruzicka / Addison Marie Shyluk
Youth D Male/Female: == / Sophie Trottier
Youth Junior Male/Female: Matt Wright / Julia Gholdhoff
Adult Rec Male/Female: Gary Kapitza / Kathryn Carmalt