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Tour de Bloc Calgary Climbing Centre

The first Tour de Bloc of the western Canada took place on the weekend at the Calgary Climbing Centre. Much like the first two events at Allez Up in Montreal and True North in Toronto, new and old competitors pushed hard.

With 280 competitors, it was the biggest competition ever held at the Calgary Climbing Centre. Over 60 volunteers came together to make it happen and the Tour de Bloc offered up $2,000 for the winners.

The 2014/15 Tour de Bloc season

The Calgary Climbing Centre’s Facebook

After the competition, the Calgary Climbing Centre said, “A big thanks to everyone who helped make today a success, including Luigi Montilla at the Tour De Bloc, our sponsors, and the amazing setters that created all those sweet problems.”

Tour de Bloc Allez Up 

Tour de Bloc True North

Men’s Results

1. Marc Eveleigh
2. Jason Holowach
3 Josh Muller
4 Grzegorz Florek
6 Sam Tucker
5 Andrew Funk
7 Dan Archambault
8 Benjamin Fenton

Women’s Results

1. Alyssa Weber
2. Becca Frangos
3. Stacey Weldon
4. Eva Thompson
5. Samantha Li
6. Kate Sinclair
7. Kelly Drager
8. Thu Crosley

Tour de Bloc on Twitter

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