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Villars Lead World Cup 2019 Finals Highlights

An exciting men's round, not so much for the women

Janja Garnbret in Lead WC, Villars, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC

The lead Finals in Villars this past weekend was stacked, so fans were set for an exciting round. As it turned out, the men’s final route gave them a decent show, while the one stopper move on the women’s route made it a bit repetitive and predictable.

That said, there was still one suspenseful moment when Janja Garnbret came out to climb. Indeed, she was able to impress the crowd, even if it was for just one move, when she cruised past the highpoint of all the other climbers.

Sascha Lehmann in Villars WC, 2019. Photo courtesy of IFSC

Adam Ondra didn’t compete and Jakob Schubert missed out on finals. Without these two usual suspects, the door was left wide open for the men. Most of the action happened near the end of the route, including three tops and two almost tops. In the end, Sascha Lehmann took the Gold. Even though Lehmann won due to countbacks, he arguably looked the strongest and smoothest on the route. The young, Swiss crusher won in his home country, which is always a sweet bonus.

Photo courtesy of IFSC

Canadian fans were sad not to see Sean McColl in Finals, after he qualified for Semis in 7th. McColl ended up in 21st, after he admittedly took a risk doing a move dynamically half way up the route – an approach that has paid off for him in the past. He looked really strong though, so he’ll have another chance to crush in Chamonix this upcoming weekend.

Women’s Results

1. Janja Garnbret (SLO)
2. Chaehyun Seo (KOR)
3. Ai Mori (JPN)
4. Akiyo Noguchi (JPN)
5. Mia Krampl (SLO)
6. Lucka Rakovec (SLO)
7. Julia Chanourdie (FRA)
8. Natsuki Tanii (JPN)

Men’s Results

1. Sascha Lehmann (SUI)
2. YuFei Pan (CHN)
3. Alexander Megos (GER)
4. Domen Skofic (SLO)
5. Meichi Narasaki (JPN)
6. Tomoa Narasaki (JPN)
7. Yuki Hada (JPN)
8. Kokoro Fujii (JPN)

Check out this highlight video: