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Watch Highlights From Nanjing World Cup 2017

After the first stop of the Asian Tour at IFSC World Cup Chongqing last weekend, the best Bouldering and Speed athletes in the world traveled east to Nanjing, China.

It was hot in Nanjing, China, for the 2017 World Cup, but that didn’t stop the world’s top comp climbers from sending hard problems.

Reza Alipourshenazandifar and Iuliia Kaplina set new Speed world records and won gold, while Shauna Coxsey and Keita Watabe topped the podium in Bouldering.

Canadian results: Sean McColl finished in 18th in Boulder 32nd in Speed, Alannah Yip in 21st in Boulder and Speed, Jj Mah in 37th, Seb Lazure in 47th, Elan Jonas McRae in 71st in Boulder and 40th in Speed and Jake Tiger in 82nd.