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World Climbing Camp in B.C.

In February, Sport Climbing B.C. is holding the IFSC Training Camp where top climbers from around the world will take part.

On Feb. 20 to 22, anyone over 13 years old will be able to register for the camp and improve their skills.

“Workshops will be both general, and discipline-specific, including: on-sighting skills, effective warm-ups, mental focus, speed sequences, best practices for un-coached athletes at international events, and professionalism.”

IFSC World Climbing Camp

The eight coaches will be Adam Ondra, Sean McColl, Domen Skofic, Jain Kim, Mina Markovic and there will be international coaches.

Sport Climbing B.C. Triple Header

Don’t miss this great initiative that brings top climbers together to help tomorrow’s champs.