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Adam Ondra Has a 500-metre Static Rope

Adam Ondra just won the Czech Nationals and has already turned his sights back to the outdoors.

In an Instagram post today, he showed off the tag for a 500-metre static rope.

In Canada, 80- and 100-metre ropes are often used as climbing ropes at crags in the Rockies and on the coast.

Longer ropes have surely been used, but the weight of the rope would make it nearly impossible to move upwards, especially when you add drag, on hard climbs.

A 500-metre lines is usually reserved for rescue specialists who need to access an area, but some viderographers have access to long ropes.

Photographers often have to rig hundreds of metres of rope on walls to get capture the action and Ondra’s video team is likely one of the best equipped.

El Cap often has fixed ropes from the bottom to top during peak season for photographers to capture hard sends. Freerider was fixed for Alex Honnold’s free solo in 2017.