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Climbing Gym Shoes for Your Winter Sessions

While most of us climb in the gym year-round, winter gets us visiting the plastic more than other during seasons.

There are plenty of options for out there for all of the different training days. From endurance sessions to projecting the problems at your limit, here’s six shoes for these cold months.

Black Diamond Momentum: The first-ever Black Diamond climbing shoe is the Momentum, there will soon be a full line, and it didn’t disappoint.

Marketed loosely as a gym climbing shoe, it lived up to the hype. Instead of a leather upper, the Momentum uses a knit which allows your feet to breathe, which we all know can help in hot gyms. While the shoe is not the most precise on the market, it is perfect for all-day rock sessions and big plastic days. (MSRP $109)

Evolv Defy: The Evolv Defy is a time-tested shoe that has gone through a number of updates over the years. It has a Velcro closure, a good pointy toe for precise placements, looks fresh and is affordable.

It’s another great shoe for all-day comfort on the rock or at the gym. These are soft shoes with high sensitivity, great for running laps up routes with bigger foot holds. An all-round top choice for gym climbing this winter. (MSRP $99)

Evolv Defy

La Sportiva Solution: The Solution are one of the more aggressive designs on the market and you sure feel it when you’re rocking them. The look and feel is intended to improve performance and that it does.

They are a low volume shoe, which means they excel on thin cracks on real rock. While these are a top choice on any type of rock, we also love them for serious training days at the gym. But bring some flip flops to wear between burns. (MSRP $225)

La Sportiva Solution

Scarpa Instinct VS: As one of the best slipper-style shoes on the market, the Instinct VS has our votes as one of the best edgers in town.

They are highly supportive and stiff, which is great for granite crystals or small plastic edges at the gym. If you love single closure Velcro shoes, these are for you. They will help your heel hooks stick and let your climb dime edges for days. (MSRP $185)

Scarpa Instinct VS

Butora Acro: Butora has made a waves in the world of climbing shoes for the past few seasons and the Acro is one of our top choices from them. Butora’s new F5 rubber stands up to the test against other top rubbers, such as Stealth and Vibram.

It’s stiff, but very sensitive. A great shoe for those with wider feet to fill the space. From steep and powerful plastic problems to vertical and techy routes, these are all-round great shoes. (MSRP $154 USD)

Butora Acro

Five Ten Moccasym: As one of the most worn shoes ever to be in the climbing world, if you’re new to climbing don’t pass up on the chance to try the Moccasym.

They are one of the most comfortable and convenient out there. They are sticky, soft and great for all sorts of climbing. But some climbers only use them for cracks in Indian Creek. We use them for all-day rock and months after months of gym climbing. (MSRP $149)

Five Ten Moccasym

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