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Devold Hiking T-Shirt Reviewed – Merino Wool Magic

One of the best base-layers for this year's fall adventures

Devold’s Hiking T-Shirt in Merino wool is soft next to the skin, light, stretches with you and helps to regulate your body temperature. The under-arm stretch panels and flat stitched seams contribute to its wearability and usefulness, but much of its performance comes from the Merino wool fabric.

Merino wool is eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable. It absorbs moisture and wicks it away to evaporate into the atmosphere. It keeps you warm, even when it’s wet and can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture, without feeling clammy.

The crimps in the wool fibre allow it to trap more dead air, making it a superb insulation material, while the evaporating function makes wool a good choice for hot weather as well. The crimps also contribute to wool’s capacity to stretch and to return to original shape.

The sheep that provide the Merino wool for Devold products come from farmers in Australia, Argentina and New Zealand who adhere to a five-point animal welfare code. The Merino sheep’s unique wool coat help it resist heat in summer and protects them from winter storms.

Devold’s close relationship with farmers and control of every step of the process from sheep to shop means they can make sure that only the most high-quality, long strand merino wool goes into their products, ensuring the highest possible efficiency-to-weight and durability.

The fabric is knitted (not woven), right in Devold’s factory in Lithuania, on massive machines with thousands of needles. The cutting and sewing is carried out in-house by artisanal sewers.  The result, for climbers and other outdoors enthusiasts, is clothing that is great-looking, environmentally responsible and highly desirable for its performance and versatility.

Devold Hiking T-Shirt for women

Merino wool’s fine fibres make it comfortable next to the skin and naturally protect wearers from UV rays.  It is both breathable and more resistant to odour-causing bacteria than synthetic fibres.

This piece truly demonstrates the versatility of wool for technical outdoor clothing. Clearly, carefully sourced Merino wool expertly engineered into technical pieces for outdoor sports are perfect for environmentally conscious adventurers demanding the best fit and efficiency for extreme conditions.

Devold Hiking T-Shirt for men