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The Equipment in Tommy Caldwell’s Gear Shed

Tommy Caldwell has one of the most swoon-worthy gear sheds of most top climbers. His converted garage is outfitted with a massive bouldering wall, kids climbing area, upstairs office and organized gear racks galore.

On top of that, he has a shed for bikes and skis and a built-out Sprinter van for family adventures. Watch to get a tour of his gear-filled paradise.

Caldwell was born in 1978 and has become one of the most accomplished American climbers ever. From his first ascent’s of Flex Luthor in 2008 to his 2015 first free ascent of Dawn Wall with Kevin Jorgeson.

In 2000, with Beth Rodden, John Dickey and Jason Smith, he was held hostage in Kyrgystan. Caldwell pushed the lone captor off a cliff, the captor survived.

In 2001, he accidentally sawed off the end of his left index finger, but it has not slowed him down.

In 2004, he made the first free ascent of Dihedral Wall on El Cap, then made the third free ascent of The Nose and has sent other El Cap routes, including: Freerider, Lurking Fear, Muir Wall, Salathe, Zodiac and Magic Mushroom.

In Canada, Caldwell and Sonnie Trotter made the first free ascent of The Shining, a 12-pitch 5.13d on Mount Louis in Banff. He also sent The Path 5.14R and made the first ascent of Northern Shield in the alpine of the Selkirk Mountains, what the send here.

Caldwell has recently finished a new book called The Push which will be released this year. Look for a review in an upcoming Gripped magazine.