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First Look at New Petzl Nomic, Quark and Ergonomic

Petzl has updated their amazing Nomic and Quark and are introducing the highly anticipated Ergonomic.

Gripped magazine caught up with Pierre Plaze, product manager at Petzl, at Ouray Ice Fest in January 2018. Watch below.

Full Petzl Press Release on New Tools: Petzl, the leader in solution-based verticality and lighting equipment, today unveils three all-new or updated ice tools that provide greater versatility, improved function and better performance for all disciplines of the sport.

Benchmark tools in their category, the NOMIC and QUARK, see enhanced designs, while the all-new ERGONOMIC joins the collection. Each tool was designed to excel at different aspects of ice, mixed or alpine climbing.

“We’ve challenged the ice tool norm, reengineering our offering to create tools that excel for their specific target uses. The QUARK excels for technical alpine climbing, the NOMIC being the perfect tool for vertical ice and the all new ERGONOMIC becomes the tool of choice for steep ice and hard mixed routes,” said Jon Rockefeller, director of marketing for Petzl North America.

New Petzl Ergonomic

“The engineering of these tools, along with their modular components, offer climbers better performance while simultaneously adding a broader range of ways to customize the tools to the exact requirements of the terrain or route.”

Key technical updates provide greater modularity and improved durability across the line. Ergonomics were top of mind in the redesigns of the shaft and grip of each tool. All three now feature an mid-shaft grip perfect for moving quickly on low angle terrain or gripping up on the shaft for an extended reach when necessary.

The shape of each grip is unique and was derived from tester feedback around the specific needs of a route while also optimized for enhanced control, comfort and performance.

Anne Gilbert Chase with all three new Petzl tools

The all-new ERGONOMIC is the perfect bridge between the NOMIC and its predecessor, ERGO, offering more utility as a specialist tool meaning it functions equally well on steep ice as it does on overhanging dry tool and mixed climbs.

The ERGONOMIC ($480) comes equipped with a redesigned DRY pick that offers more aggressive teeth, tapered from 4mm at the top to 3.2mm at the tip. A new overmolded glass filled nylon handle makes the upper grip more durable. A unique lower grip on the ERGONOMIC is larger in diameter with flat sides which gives a more secure grasp due to a higher volume of contact area. The ERGONOMIC weighs in at 635 grams per tool.

New Petzl Ergonomic

Petzl’s NOMIC ($400) has long served as the standard and preferred tool for many ice climbers. The NOMIC has been completely redesigned for 2018 with increased durability and weight shedding improvements.

The new iteration features an enhanced PUR’ICE pick, glass filled nylon overmolded upper grip and lighter lower grip—shedding 20 grams from its predecessor (read: 585g)—and an all-new griprest—now wider, overmolded with rubber and a stainless steel pick at the base.

New Petzl Nomic

The QUARK ($340) remains Petzl’s most versatile tool for both technical alpine mountaineering and ice climbing. The lower handle grip is overmolded with high friction rubber, but flatter on both sides and front for better indexing and grip.

At the base of the tool is a single stainless steel pick and a brand-new griprest that is now foldable. When locked in an upward position the tool drives better when plunged into softer snow and with the griprest opened your hand is well supported for steep, technical ice or couloir climbing.

As with its predecessor, the 2018 QUARK can come equipped with a hammer or adze. The new collection also introduces two brand-new picks—PUR’ICE the ice masters dream and PUR’DRY, for competition mixed climbing—collectively rounding the offering to four interchangeable picks that are adaptable for use in all three new ice tools.

New Petzl Quark

The new ERGONOMIC and NOMIC feature all-new griprests — GRIPREST ERGO and GRIPREST NOMIC — that can be interchanged and customized for individual users’ needs.

The new tools also sport the brand-new MASSELOTTES that give a more secure position when jammed into cracks and a new MINI MARTEAU hammer that is more protective for the head—providing a great way to place pitons and clear out chossy rock or rotten ice while climbing routes.

The collection will be available Summer 2018 at specialty retailers and at Petzl.com.

New Ergonomic in action at Ouray

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