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First Look: New Thermo-Mold Tecnica Forge Hiking Boot

The Tecnica Forge will make its debut this season, it’s the first thermo-moldable hiking/trekking boot to hit the market.

Tecnica has designed new footwear for your outdoor adventures, shaped on a unique last, your unique last.

There’s nothing new about moldable boots, Ski boots have used moldable materials to help create a custom fit for years. But the technology has never been applied to hiking boots.

Boot fitters use a specially designed machine to heat and mold the boot to each customer’s individual foot.

The process includes heating the boot, then putting your foot inside while the boot is pressed against by balloon-like devices around your feet.

The process feels similar to getting your foot’s blood pressure taken. After it’s complete the boots fit as good as a boot can.

For you climbers who want a full-on trekking boot, this is a great choice. Especially if you have hard-to-fit feet.

The Forge stands apart from many other similar boots with several unique features. Visit here for more info.

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