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Five Hot New Black Diamond Gear for 2019

There’s a lot of new climbing gear hitting the shelves in 2019 and many brands are introducing new, bright colours for items already available.

Black Diamond Zone

The new Zone combines a knit upper like the Momentum shoe with a downturned like the Shadow, but slightly stiffer than the Shadow. Will be available in high and low volume and four colors. MSRP $139 USD / January 2019

Camalot C4

The new Camalot C4 has about a 10 per cent reduction in weight than the old generation. Their design is similar in appearance to the C4 Ultralights. Sizes 4 to 6 have a special racking wiregate on the trigger that keeps the cam closed for more compact racking. MSRP $74.95 to $124 USD / January 2019

Black Diamond C4 Camalots for 2019

ATC Guide (update) and ATC Alpine Guide (new)

Taking the ATC Guide and splitting it into 2 devices to make sure it performs well for all rope sizes. Another improvement: the guide mode hole is more oval-ized for reduced friction while belaying off an anchor. ATC Guide: 80g, 8.1 to 11mm and Alpine Guide: 73g, 6.9 to 9mm // MSRP $29 USD / January 2019

Solution Guide Harness

A durable version of the Solution harness with burly fabric and a slightly wider waist belt and leg loops. Takes the place of the Chaos in the harness line. MSRP $99 / January 2019

Rabbit Runner

A Rabbit Runner lets you extend placements on wandering pitches or sling horns and icicles with ease. A smaller loop at one end securely holds a carabiner and a wider loop at the other lets you girth-hitch when the situation calls for it. Toss on a second carabiner to create multiple length options. MSRP $22

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