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Fred Nicole with the New Five Ten Aleon

Nicole climbing the world's first V14 and V15

Developed and designed by climbing legend Fred Nicole, the Five Ten Aleon is the latest addition to the brand’s climbing shoe range.

Nicole has made history a number of times in the bouldering world, in 2016 with the first ascent of Radja the world’s first V14. In 2000, he sent the first V15 with his climb of Dreamtime. Then in 2016, at age 46, he established Chakijana V14/15 in Rocklands, South Africa.

“I’m not specifically making one type of shoe, because I don’t like the same shoe for every type of climbing,” Nicole said. “Even if I like sensitive shoes, I would like to be able to design an edging shoe that still has that sensitivity. There should be a good interaction between you and the shoe. That’s the point, I guess: to have something working and reacting well with your body.”

Five Ten Aleon

Parts of a Climbing Shoe

Last: The foot-shaped mold around which the shoe will be built.
Sole: The rubber that you climb on.
Midsole: This interior sole brings the shoe together.
Footbed: The fabric your foot contacts.
Upper: The socklike upper leather or synthetic area of the shoe.
Rand: The thin layer of rubber that covers the bottom and sides of the shoe.