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History of C.A.M.P and Cassin Equipment

Old Cassin wooden handle ice tool

Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana (C.A.M.P.) was formed in 1889 high in the mountains of Premana, Italy 103 years after the first ascent of Mont Blanc.

At that time, Nicola Codega – the grandfather of the current owners – was a blacksmith producing a wide range of products from wrought iron like cutting implements and bells.

The culture of iron and its workings had taken root in Premana during the 1800s when the iron mines in the valley experienced heavy exploitation.

Manufacturing of alpine and mountaineering equipment did not begin until 30 years later when the founders son, Antonio Codega, began production of a new item for alpine use: the ice axe.

The inspiration to develop mountaineering tools came from a former official of the Italian Army Alpine Troops who, upon returning from the First World War, stressed that soldiers were in need of equipment that would enable them to move more efficiently over difficult and icy terrain.

It was 1920, and the early development of mountaineering equipment had begun. By 1940 the company had grown to a workforce of twenty employees.

Following the Second World War, one of the most prolific mountaineers of the period began visiting Premana – his name was Riccardo Cassin.

With awe-inspiring charisma and an unparalleled passion for mountaineering, Riccardo helped Antonio Codega’s four sons develop and nurture the continued production of mountaineering equipment.

Over the next 50 years, C.A.M.P. went on to develop not only ice axes, but new items such as crampons, hammers, pitons and nuts.

Riccardo Cassin, center, after climbing Grands Jorasses. Ugo Tizzoni is left, Gino Esposito, right.

The C.A.M.P. range grew with strong products in every line and the company’s natural expansion soon stretched beyond Italy and Europe and emerged successfully at the international level.

Moving ahead in the 21st Century, C.A.M.P. continues to work for those who challenge themselves and seek to be a part of the natural world.

C.A.M.P. strives to actively promote the endeavors of those who remain young inside, who love the risk and the spirit of adventure, who halt awe-struck with the colors of the sunrise and bask in the beauty of the alpenglow.

Now and into the future, C.A.M.P. will continue to work for those who love profoundly the intrigue of exploration and the unknown.

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