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Indoor Weekly: Review of Tindeq Progressor and V-Rings

At a time when training for climbing seems to be becoming as popular as actual climbing, comes a unique training device that actually sets itself apart from the competitors.

Most training products have specific holds, or exclusive holds to set themselves apart but no one is actually tracking the force applied when using their products.

Tindeq has set themselves apart with a new training invention called the Progressor. You may remember Tindeq from when they created the Duck Rings, rings shaped like the handles of modern ice climbing tools with various climbing holds built in.

Now, Tindeq has come out with the new Progressor and V-Rings. The V-Rings have a variety of holds, covering most of the grips you need to train your fingers and upper body strength and The Progressor works with your phone to help track your progression.

It was made in conjunction with one of the top rock climbers in the world, Magnus Midtbø who has climbed up to 5.15b

The Progressor is a wireless load sensor that can be used with any free hanging training grip and a smartphone to get accurate load readings. It can be used to measure endurance, peak force or rate of force development.

Do you wonder how far you are from doing that one arm pull up? Now you can use the Progressor to measure how much help you need from the supporting arm.

By testing your strength on a regular basis, you can see how you are improving and working towards your goals. Unless you are into muscle-ups and doing iron crosses then the V-Rings will work for the rest of your ring specific training, while at the same time giving you the option to work on climbing specific holds too.

The Progressor and V-Rings and are the brain child of Tindeq and they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get their new idea to market which has already received more than 164 per cent of their required funding to get the project off the ground. For more information and to back the project visit here.

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