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Metolius Magnum Bouldering Crash Pad Review

On the surface, it can seem like all crash pads are the same. All you really need is something to pad your fall when you get the beta wrong and save you from landing in a pair of shoes that are not designed to walk in let alone cushion impact.

However, there is a reason you don’t see climbers laying down the old blue vinyl gym mats more commonly found on the walls of high school gymnasiums. We need more!

When it comes to the Metolius Magnum crash pad, Metolius certainly thinks more is better. The Magnum is one of the largest pads on the market boasting a 1.2m X 1.8m landing zone. Underneath the durable 900D fabric lies three different layers of foam. A 25mm closed cell top layer, a 60mm open cell center layer and a 15mm closed cell base layer (10cm all together).

Bouldering with the Metolius Magnum at Niagara Glen. Photo Matt Stetson

By keeping the denser closed cell foam on the outside, the pad retains it’s shape and integrity better over time while the softer open cell mid layer offers loads of plush cushioning. Angle cut hinges and a Velcro closure eliminates sketchy gutters and uneven padding. There is also a large scratch mat in the middle of the pad to clean your shoes and offer a target for landing.

Metolius uses a tri-fold design to keep the carrying size of the Magnum as small as possible (120cmx64cmx33cm). The pad is held together while folded by two flaps and a single metal buckle. When the flaps are open they can be used to cover up the carrying system and avoid getting your back dirty.

The top flap also has a storage pouch held closed by Velcro and big enough for two pairs of climbing shoes and or a chalk bag. The front of the top flap also has a smaller pouch for keys or your phone.

In use the Magnum’s carrying system is comfortable and supportive thanks to removable padded straps and a waist belt. While folded the Magnum is also slightly slimmer than other pads of similar size which helps to navigate through tighter trails and in between boulders.

The pad is quick and easy to open with big loop handles at each end that make it a breeze to move around landing areas if needed, or carry short distances brief case style. Taking falls on the Magnum is about as good as you can get when it comes to falling off boulders.

The huge surface area instills confidence while high up on a problem and the multi density foam provides plenty of cushion when gravity takes effect. All together, the Metolius Magnum is one of our favorite pads thanks to it’s big size, durability and convenience features.

Metolius Magnum at Niagara Glen. Photo Matt Stetson
Metolius Magnum at Niagara Glen. Photo Matt Stetson
Metolius Magnum at Niagara Glen. Photo Matt Stetson
Metolius Magnum at Niagara Glen. Photo Matt Stetson

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