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Mountain Hardwear J Tree Pant for Summer Cragging

A perfect pant for the crag and indoor climbing

Look around the crag next time you’re out. You’ll see everything from spandex to denim and army surplus. Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect pair of climbing pants should be. Whatever you choose, the pants should ideally move with you, or at least be loose enough not to hinder your movement, and be tough enough to put up with lots of close contact with the rock. And, of course, the pants should offer you at least a chance of not looking ridiculous on the trip to and from the cliff.

Traditionally, this has led to climbers compromising on one of the attributes. Spandex stretches but can wear out quickly, baggy pants look ridiculous but offer freedom of movement, jeans look good but can be constricting.

The J Tree pant solves all of these problems in one pair of pants designed specifically for the modern climber. It’s made of tough ripstop cotton that stretches as you climb, it’s gusseted to take into account range of motion in climbing and cut to be compatible with a harness. A zip back pocket will keep your car keys secure while you climb. And importantly, they’ll look, and feel great before and after climbing. Recommended for anyone looking for great pants for cragging this season.

J Tree Pant video here