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The New Adam Ondra Signature La Sportiva Miura Now in Canada

The new signature edition La Sportiva Miura XX is now available in Canada. The highly anticipated shoe was released to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Miura.

The Miura XX is a design inspired by Adam Ondra’s modifications to existing Miuras. “I am very proud to have my signature on them, because I think these shoes really rock,” said Ondra.

“For years, I have been climbing in these modified Miuras, making first ascent of Change 5.15c and La Dura Dura 5.15c with them. Now, they are not secret anymore, Patxi Usobiaga was the only other person who had a pair, go and try them.

“They keep the good things of Miura laces (good for narrow feet), adding more downturn shape, more durability and better for the tiny footholds.”

This limited edition will only see one run of production. You can find them at MEC here.

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Specs: 520 grams, padded heel for solid heel hooking, breathable mesh tongue, 1.1 mm laspoflex midsoles are moderately stiff for good edging yet supple enough to allow smearing, P3® (Permanent Power Platform) ensures a downturned yet flexible shape for steep lines or featureless vert, speed lace-up system to facilitate toe hooking, Vibram® XS Edge™ 4mm soles.