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New Coloured Chalk Blends in With the Rock

One of the worst things about busy climbing areas is the ugly white chalk that marks heavily-used holds.

To help fix the problem, Climbing Addicts has produced coloured chalk that blends into the stone.

Top crack climber Tom Randall said about the chalk, ““Wallstreet Gold was an absolute savior on The Crucifix Project in Canyonlands. It meant that we can climb to our maximum on a project, yet stay completely within the park’s environmental guidelines.

“As adventure climbers, this is really important to us. One particular added benefit is that the consistency of the chalk seems to keep my hands way drier than normal chalk – now that, I can’t complain about.”

Will the dye impact the chalks performance? No, our chalk often out performs white chalk and we do not use dye. We use a proprietary mix of natural pigments that come from the earth.

The mixing process creates a soft feeling chalk that sticks to your hands and reduces the amount of chalk needed.

Will this chalk stain my hands? No, your hands will take on the color of the chalk used, just like white chalk. There’s this rare element, kinda like Kryptonite for climbers called soap.

Soap and water will wash away all traces on your hands. For all you hardcore climbers out there, use a little brush to get under your nails, that is if you have any nails left. Your clothes are safe as well.

What’s the deal with the dark spots of pigment that I can see in the chalk? We use an environmentally safe and chemical free process to mix the pigment with the chalk.

Sometimes small amounts of pigment do not completely mix. This is normal and the pigment will simply wipe away.

Check out this great chalk here.