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New Petzl Ergonomic is Cutting Edge Ice Tool

Petzl’s all-new Ergonomic ice tool has raised the standard for winter mixed/ice tool design.

The tool bridges the gap between the popular Nomic and its predecessor, the Ergo, offering more utility than ever as a specialist tool, made for everything from steep ice to overhanging dry tooling and mixed climbs.

The tool has a list accolades and positive feedback that Petzl has received since this tool’s debut earlier this year.

The Ergonomic takes the head and shaft of the Nomic and adds a much beefier, more aggressive handle design for steeper climbing, pick stability and more relaxed hang time.

Men’s Journal honored Petzl with Gear of the Year for this tool because, “the gracefully curved shaft provides clearance for hooking over bulges without the knuckle bashing you’d have with straight tools.

“The tool’s angled double grip has a contoured pinky rest that lets you hang without exhausting yourself, and the handle’s design forgoes fancy cutouts for maximum surface area for your glove.”

For climbers who use the Nomic and would like a more advanced and versatile tool, the transition to the Ergonomic will feel easy.