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Remember Omega Pacific and Link Cams? Well, the Company is Back

For decades, their carabiners, quickdraws and rock protection could be found on climber's racks across the country

Omega Pacific was once a well known brand to rock climbers across North America, but the company closed its doors after 38 years in 2020. However, thanks to a recent acquisition Omega Pacific is back.

When Omega Pacific closed, it was bought by SMC, who continued to make some carabiners, but Omega Pacific was just purchased by Rock N Rescue’s parent company, The Weinel Group.

So, can we expect to see a return of the Link Cam? Maybe. “Omega SBG Belay/Rappel Device, Aluminum Rappel Ring, REVO line of Pulleys, BAMF, and Lava Infinity Wiregate will be available towards the end of the year,” said Nikki Bandurski, management supervisor. “They have also been having discussions internally about possibly reviving the Link Cams so more to come there.”

About the purchase of Omega Pacific, John Weinel, owner and CEO of The Weinel Group, said, “Our goal is to make it easy for fire and rescue departments and those working at heights to access all the high-quality equipment they need to stay safe and help others, while also accommodating the needs of our fellow outdoor and recreation enthusiasts.”

A press release about the recent announcement said that although it will be owned and operated by The Weinel Group, the Omega Pacific brand will remain intact, so customers can expect to receive the same quality engineering and access to many of their most beloved products, including aluminum and steel carabiners for the climbing, fire, industrial, and rescue markets by early 2023.

“Both of our companies started around the same time and came up in this industry together, so it only felt right for the Weinel family to take over the brand after we ceased operations two years ago,” said Bert Atwater, former owner of Omega Pacific. “They’re one of the only companies we’d trust to carry on the Omega Pacific brand, since we know they’ll put the customers’ safety first.” Visit the new Omega Pacific website here.




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