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Samaya 2.5: a Durable Tent for Serious Alpinists

If you're looking for a strong and reliable shelter for your next extreme objective, look no further

Samaya 2.5 Tent

Having a shelter that is easy to assemble, light enough to carry on technical alpine climbs and durable enough to take the harshest mountain conditions is a must for serious alpinists. There’s no doubt that anyone heading up high will be grateful they brought the Samaya 2.5 tent.

This single-walled pink tent is unlike any other in the world of alpinism, from the well thought out vent to the proprietary fabrics that keep you warm and dry. It has full-length pole sleeves and double guy points on each side. Weight is always an issue when moving up big alpine routes, and finding tents that are under 2kg for a two to three person tent is rare, which is why at 1,500 grams, the Samaya 2.5 rises above almost everything else on the market in term of being lite. This means that you won’t need a tent for base camp and advanced camp, the Samaya 2.5 works great for both.

The Samaya 2.5 has a hexagonal footprint, gives 3.2 m2 and is 200 cm across. While it’s a comfortable floorspace, it’s the height that will get you stoked. The steep walls give you a lot of headspace. It has one big door that is easy to move through when tired or with a lot of gear on. Like any tent, be sure to master its set-up at home before heading into the alpine. The Samaya 2.5 is built for alpinists and mountaineers heading up on unsupported trips, where weight and reliability matters. While this comes with a high price, the benefits and craftmanship of this world-class tent will make the cost more than worth it. Highly recommended for serious alpinists and mountaineering heading into altitude.

Samaya 2.5 in Banff National Park

About Samaya: Samaya is a French company whose name means “commitment” in Sanskrit. They’ve built their reputation on lightweight tents, and now offer the amazing Ultra 35 pack. The company was founded in 2018 by Ghislain Pipers with the goal of building gear made for extreme conditions, and it quickly became popular. Their lightweight tents and packs are constructed from technical fibres that can resist year-round weather in harsh environments.