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Sterling Recalls Sewn Cords

Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.




About 9,200 in the U.S. and 480 in Canada


This recall involves four models of Sterling Rope’s sewn cords which include the 8 mm Aztek (AZ) Sewn Bound Loop Prusik, Aztek (AZ) Elite 8 mm Edge Restraint, 8 mm PER Sewn Eye and the 8 mm Accessory Cord Sewn Eye. Sterling Rope products have the production lot number in two places. The product number and lot number are printed on the barcode label attached to the Care, Use and Retirement document, which comes with every product. The lot number is also printed on the shrink tube label on the sewn portion of the Prusik, edge restraint or sewn eye. Please see www.sterlingrope.com for a full list of lot numbers affected by this recall. All ropes except for the solid black products have a wrapping dotted line design around the rope. Specific recalled colours are listed next to each recalled product description.

8mm Bound Loop Prusiks

Product Number           Description

SC080320116 8mm AZ Bound Loop Prusik Short Teal Green x 16”
SC080321116 8mm AZ BLP cord Short Tan x 16″
SC080320322 8mm AZ Sewn BLP Cord Long Purple x 22″
SC080320422 8mm AZ Sewn BLP Cord Long Black x 22″
SC080320622 8mm AZ Sewn BLP Cord Long Blue x 22″
SC080320716 8mm AZ Sewn BLP cord Short Orange x 16″
SC080320816 8mm AZ Sewn BLP cord Short Red x 16″
CUSTOMSC 8mm Tan Bound Loop Prusik by 24″
CUSTOMSC 8mm Blue Bound Loop Prusik by 30″

Aztek Elite 8mm Edge Restraints

Product Number           Description

SC080NY04600  AZ Elite Tactical Edge Restraint x 50′
SC080NY06600  AZ Elite 8mm Edge Restraint Blue 50′ Sewn End
SC080NY09600  AZ Elite 8mm Edge Restraint Yellow x 50′

 8mm PER Sewn Eye

Product Number           Description

PER0804407SE   8mm PER Black Safety Glo x 22ft with Sewn Eye
CUSTOMSC   8mm PER Black Safety Glo with Sewn Eye
CUSTOMSC   8mm PER Orange With Sewn Eye
CUSTOMSC   8mm PER Yellow With Sewn Eye

8mm Accessory Cord Sewn Eye

Product Number           Description

CUSTOMSC  8mm Black Accessory Cord With Sewn Eye
CUSTOMSC  8mm Blue Accessory Cord With Sewn Eye
CUSTOMSC  8mm Yellow Accessory Cord With Sewn Eye

None reported


Consumers should discontinue use of the product and contact Sterling Rope for a free replacement. The item may also be returned to an authorized Sterling dealer that will coordinate the free replacement for you.