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The Keen Ridge Flex Hiking Boots for 2021

This new-for-2021 style is flexible, durable and very comfortable

Spring and winter trails are usually snowy, wet or muddy and require serious footwear to keep you dry and on the trail. Keen’s Ridge Flex boots can meet these requirements and their waterproof breathable insert and aggressive, non-directional lug soles for stability, even on muddy uphill trails.

They also include new technologies to improve comfort. Ever felt pinched by your boot at the flex point of your foot? Most of us have given up wondering whether our normal stride could ever be free of this discomfort, but Keen tries to fix it with bellow-flex inserts on the upper, in front of the laces and on the heel in the achilles zone. The bellows have been tested to last for more than a million strides. Testing showed that the forefoot insert made a bigger difference than the one in the achilles area, but it was discernible from the first time we put them on.

Keen are also leaders in environmentally friendly technologies, like pfc-free durable water-repellant and environmentally preferred leather providers who reduce the use of chemicals in the tanning process.

Note that Keen footwear tends to fit snugly around the mid-foot, but provide a roomy toe box to prevent blistering.

These are great all-weather hiking boots recommended for any backcountry mission.

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