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The New Arc’teryx Acrux and Bora Shoe

The anticipation for the new Arc’teryx shoe was maxing out when we got our hands on a few pairs and, to say the least, we fell in love with them.

We had the opportunity to take the new Acrux and Bora shoe into the wilderness and were floored by how great they performed.

Once you get use to the new style of design and learn how to make the shoe work for you, it’s one of the best pieces of new gear this year.

They’re extremely comfortable and we found they grip wet rocks that we would otherwise slip off.

If you’re in the market for a new shoe this year, you won’t be disappointed with any of the products in the new Arc’teryx arsenal of footwear.

Some people have commented the sizing is a little off, but others say it’s spot on. We all like our shoes to fit a little bit different so if you’re worried then try a few pairs on before committing to the purchase.

Check them out for yourself here.