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Video: Dynamic Shock Load Evaluation of Ice Screws

A newly released clip from a 15-year-old test that is still relevant today

Ice Screw testing in Ouray Colorado, this film hallmarks the research and white paper by James Marc Beverly, PhD, IFMGA, and Stephen Attaway, PhD. This was first presented at ITRS in 2005.

This data set the stage for how ice screw placement has the strongest configuration as well as the weakest. “Thanks to Black Diamond, Petzl, Grivel North America, Sterling Rope, AAC, Mountain Rescue Association, VRigger, PMI, SMC, and the UIAA,” said Beverly. “Special thanks to Jason Nelson and Visual Adventures for some film coaching, and to Sean Isaac for being a proponent for me to revive this presentation.”

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Ice Screw Testing

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