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Watch Arc’teryx Athletes Test Gear in Rad Coast Mountains

Arc’teryx began on Canada’s west coast because the Coast Mountains are a perfect place to test new gear.

The coastal environment is harsher, more humid and nastier than almost anywhere else in Canada.

“Testing our ideas locally leads us to continually strive to make better products,” states Arc’teryx.

Arc’teryx was founded in North Vancouver in 1989 and the name and logo of Arc’teryx refer to the Archaeopteryx, among the earliest known birds.

“The logo is based on the ‘Berlin specimen’ of the bird, the most complete skeleton found to date.” For new gear visit here.

A Factory Fact:

The production of a single Alpha SV Jacket at an Arc’One factory in Canada:
Number of operations: 211
Number of minutes spent cutting: 24.149
Number of minutes spent sewing: 222.157
Number of minutes spent finishing: 32.376
Total number of operators who touch the jacket: 65
Total time to assemble an Alpha SV Jacket: 4 hours 38 minutes

Arc’teryx and Coast Mountains

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