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Wild Country Electron Quickdraw Reviewed

A superb, durable, all-around draw with many features. Available singly, or in six packs

Now that we’re finally back at the crags, we’re noticing that maybe we lost some draws last season, or a few on our rack are looking worse for the wear. Whether you’re looking for replacements, or a whole new set, The Wild Country Electron is a great option.

The new Wild Country Electron is a highly featured deluxe sport climbing draw, available in 12 and 17 cm. The hot forged, ergonomically shaped, assymetric Electron carabiners’ unique shape makes them a pleasure to handle, clip and strip.

The design also allows for a wide gate basket that practically sucks in the rope on desperate clips. The keylock design prevents snags.  The straight gate hanger-end carabiner is anodized grey and the bent-gate rope end tangerine, so you’ll know at a glance what you’re looking for when you grab a draw.

The tapered draw is durable nylon and wide enough to make a solid grabbing handle.  The carabiners are kept properly oriented by the Vice gripper. Both of these features make them a great choice for working routes, or long rock routes where you’re going to use them for aid.