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A 58-day 1,500-kilometre Yukon Paddle Trip has Started

A group of Canadian paddlers have set out on a 58 day trip from the Yukon to Yellowknife.

Their trip will take them along 1,500 kilometres of rivers and waterways across northern Canada.

The paddlers include Dave Greene (his expedition), Chris Giard, Rob Dale, Allister Keene, Iva Kinclova, Patti and Carmen.

The team will be posing updates on social media, which you can check out below. Their first post read, “The Tsichu River is a true mountain river.

“It drops close to 1,100 feet in the 40 km or so we will be traveling it. From what we understand it is essentially one really long rock garden but luckily made of smooth rocks.

“We are estimating this section to take us up to seven days, requiring much patience while lining our boats and taking care of ourselves.

“The last 3 km of the river are unrunnable for our canoes and we will portage to the Keele River.”

This is one of many long-distance canoe trips in Canada this summer, for more visit here.

Follow their Gramin tracker here.

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