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8 Great Crag Food Ideas

What food you bring to the crag depends on personal preferences, of course, but also on the kind of climbing you’re doing, where you’re going, and the length of your day out. Some climbs require light loads. Some crags are so accessible you could bring a cooler with you.

Some people like to have a hearty breakfast, only snack throughout the day, and replenish with a big meal in the evening. Others like to eat more substantially to keep them fuelled. And parents often need an arsenal of food for their kids. Bottom line, whatever food you bring to the crag, remember to ‘leave no trace’ by packing out what you pack in. And bring lots of water to stay hydrated!

8 Popular Crag Foods

1. Bars
From generic granola to specialized brands (e.g., Lara, Vega, Luna, Kind and Clif), bars are among the most popular crag foods. They’re small enough for your multi-pitch pack, they come in a seemingly endless number of flavours, they can be protein-rich, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, you name it. They’re easy and pretty tasty.

2. Dried Meat
Many folks love the salty goodness and convenience of dried meat, e.g., beef jerky or pepperoni sticks.

3. Snacking Veggies
They’re crunchy, delicious, healthy and easy to eat. Fill your tupperware (or stainless container) with anything from carrots sticks, baby cucumbers or cucumber wheels to red pepper slices and snap peas. Take this snack up a notch with some hummus.

4. Fruit
Fruit provides a sweet boost of energy at the crag. For fresh fruit, pre-cut your “core” fruits into slices or pieces, bring a fork for really sticky/juicy fruits, and pack soft fruits in container so they don’t bruise or leak in your bag. To save time and space, go for dried fruit: apples and apricots are popular choices.

5. Sandwiches
A good old fashioned sandwich can be pretty satisfying at the crag. Go with the standard ‘peanut butter and jam’ or use almond butter to spice things up. Whatever your flavour, use a high fibre bread with whole grains (rather than a simple-carb white bread) for a slow and steady release of energy.

6. Peanut Butter and Apple Wraps
Combine your sandwich and fruit snacks! Who doesn’t love the peanut butter and apple combo? Now you can have it at the crag by wrapping up apple pieces in a peanut butter-spread tortilla. It’s sweet and savoury, with protein and fibre.

7. Trail Mix
This classic crag food is hard not to love because it’s customizable. Go crazy with all of the nuts and seeds, dried fruit, banana chips, oats and chocolate chips. Or keep it simple with almonds, peanuts and raisins. Don’t like dried tropical fruits? Leave them out! Feeling fancy? Add dark chocolate. Feeling colourful? Add Smarties.

8. Chips (in the car)
Super pro tip: leave a bag of chips in the car for when you get back from a big day out. This is especially key beta for multi-pitch and big wall climbing.