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Andreas Steindl’s New FKT On Matterhorn Hornli Ridge

Andreas Steindl on the summit of Matterhorn / watch below

Swiss mountain guide Andreas Steindl, 29, has climbed up and down the Matterhorn using the Hornli Ridge in only three hours, 59 minutes and 52 seconds.

It’s the fastest known time (FKT) using the Hornli Ridge.

He started in Zermatt and ended in Zermatt and the craziest part of his climb was the eight-minute descent from the summit to the lower shoulder. That would take most climbers about an hour.

According to planetmountain.com, Steindl has reached the summit 88 times and reported him saying, “The air is thin, you have reached the summit and are already tired, but now you must keep the pace high on the way down, and especially your concentration.

“To climb down very fast and without any protection was the most difficult and also most dangerous part of this mission.”

In 2013, the Kilian Jornet climbed the Matterhorn up and down the Normal Route in two hours, 52 minutes and two seconds.

Click on the below clip to watch the speedy climb.