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Canadians Take Gold and Silver at Ouray Ice Festival 25

Rebecca Lewis and Sarah Hueniken take gold and silver at Ouray Ice Comp

The 25th Ouray Ice Festival took place this past weekend with big names competing at one of the oldest ice comps in North America. Ontario climber Rebecca Lewis took gold for women, followed by Sarah Hueniken in second. In third was Ekaterina Feoktistova. Hueniken finished in third last year.

A number of top climbers competed, including Emily Harrington, Nathan Kutcher, Tom Livingstone, Aaron Mulkey and Graham Zimmerman.

Lewis said after, “Well shoot, I won firstt place at the Ouray Ice Fest. When travelling to Asia I felt I was under-trained, tired and weak. Two weeks of training did’tt suddenly make me super fit, but it did take off the rust. I didn’t win because I was the fittest or strongest, but because of experience and I knew how to apply my strengths.”

Results Men/Women

1. Maxim Tomilov / Rebecca Lewis
2. Alexy Dengin / Sarah Hueniken
3. Tyler Kempney / Ekaterina Feoktistova
4. Liam Foster / Cat Shirley
5. Nathan Kutcher / Emily Harrington
6. Tom Livingstone / Beth Goralski
7. Justin Willis / Susan Vachon
8. Ryan Vachon / Katie Seymour
9. Grant Kleeves
10. Marcus Garcia
11. Sam Elias
12. Chris Gibish
13. Graham Zimmerman
14. Joe Wagner
15. Todd Felix
16. David Roestzel
17. Keenan Griscom
18. Egor Trapeznikov
19. Aaron Mulkey
20. Jon Zaugg
21. Logan Tyler