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Canadian Wayne Wong Pioneered Hot Dog Skiing

The B.C. skier was part of a revolutionary period of trick skiing

In the 1960s, a group of young skiers began to do things on skis that hadn’t been seen before they called Hot Dog Skiing. Tricks and jumps had always been part of skiing. Reuel (royal) Christies, tip rolls, window jumps, geländesprungs had long been a way for expert skiers to show off their skill. But it was incidental to their primary skill which was skiing itself.

Hot Dog skiers made the tricks and jumps the primary focus and invented new tricks and jumps as well. A young ski instructor from Vancouver was particularly creative adding such terms as “The Worm Turn”, “The Slow Dog Noodle” and “The Outrigger” to skiers’ vocabulary. His name is Wayne Wong.

Wayne Wong and Hot Dog Skiing