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Clickbait: NBA Star Mocks Fun at Self on Squamish Hike

Jimmy Butler, shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers, was in Squamish a few months ago and decided to hike the Stawamus Chief. Butler recently released a hilarious vlog documenting his entire journey.

On Butler’s first hike, he brings a jokingly large amount of gear and says, “Some of my items: A knife in case I’m out there with Sasquatch and we go toe to toe. A frisbee. Obviously, you gotta have that, you’re gonna get bored. Cast Away. Think about Cast Away. If he didn’t have that volleyball, he was done…If I get stranded, I’m prepared.

“I didn’t think it was going to be like that. I just though like yo, it’s just going to be a trail that was going up through the mountain. So I was like ‘It can’t be that bad.’ Little did I know, I was wrong. I’m [gunna] throw up,” he says while clinging to a tiny tree stump.” Watch below.

The Squamish Struggle