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Decathlon: a new gear shop in Canada

Decathlon represents over 65 sports; Running, hiking, canoeing, skiing, even dance

We have a new kid in town; French retailer Decathlon is making its way across Canada and following a huge success in Quebec they have opened a new store in the Greater Toronto Area.

Located in Mapleview Mall, Burlington, this is the first of its kind in the GTA, and we can expect to see more. Decathlon are currently working on a pop-up store in Brampton, similar to that which paved the way for the current location, and another full-store in Vaughan.

Despite what the name might suggest, Decathlon represents over 65 sports; Running, hiking, canoeing, skiing, even dance, and more than a retailer, they design and manufacture their own products too, so they are fully stocked.

The store is spacious and inviting, and the layout is sectioned by sport as opposed to product. This facilitates the shopping experience for beginners and veteran athletes alike. The former can find the equipment they need with ease and raise questions about other products close by that might be helpful for their new-found sport, while the latter can avoid sifting through an avalanche of inappropriate kit in search for their desired item. I would like to promise that this helps customers stick to the list they arrived with too, but having spent an enjoyable hour perusing the various sections and left with a cart full of items, perhaps this isn’t the case.

Thankfully, affordability is a huge priority for Decathlon and their “mission is to make the pleasures and benefits of sports accessible to the many” CMO Jaylone Lee tells us. This gives rise to high quality products at a relatively low cost; perfect for families who are involved in a plethora of sports or beginners who need the kit but aren’t ready to fully commit to higher purchase points just yet.

New to Decathlon, customer Alexander Litvak was pleasantly surprised by the value indicated throughout the store. “I assumed the price tags had been lowered to celebrate the store opening and would go back up again … It’s great that they have such a wide variety of decent products and at prices that you simply can’t find elsewhere.”

COVID-19 restrictions permitting, the store also has lounge areas and features a variety of test zones for each of the sports but the best part, in my opinion, is the multi-sport activity space where you can sign up to a variety of classes with local coaches. (If you are a coach, and interested in taking part, you can reach out to Decathlon here).

Can’t get to the GTA? No problem. Shipping is available across Canada for nearly every product that you might find in store, and in some cases there are more products to find on the website. Having made a few purchases on the day of the opening, I topped my order up online and my package arrived at my door within a matter of days; quick, easy, and problem free.

Visit Decathlon Burlington at Mapleview Mall, 900 Maple Ave, Burlington or check out the website at www.decathlon.ca