Merino wool’s fine fibres, are soft, lightweight and super-efficient at regulating body temperature. Unlike synthetics, it’s eco-friendly, renewable and completely biodegradable. It absorbs moisture and wicks it away to evaporate into the atmosphere and absorbs moisture, without feeling clammy.

The sheep that provide the Merino wool for Devold products (available in Canada from comes from farmers in Australia, Argentina and New Zealand.

Devold’s product engineers and designers with experience in action sports have built more features into their pieces that bring out the best in wool’s natural qualities. A recent specialty of the company is technical undergarments.

These are surprisingly tricky to make well. The fabric must be comfortable next to the skin, and not permanently pick up odour or bacteria, the seams must be flat and soft, the fabric must wick away moisture. They must be easily washable and fast drying and not bulky or heavy.

They must stretch and yet return to their original shape after innumerable uses. Merino wool is the perfect material for these qualities and Devold has used their design know-how to come up with the ultimate technical underlayer shirt: the Tuvegga reversible sport top.

The merino wool Tuvegga can be worn with the 3D knit fabric upper and rib knit panels around the lower torso next to the skin for extra insulation (250g per square metre) or reversed with the flat side next to the skin for higher breathability and 190g/square metre and doesn’t feel clammy. No matter how you wear it, the wool mesh panels under the arms allow breathability.

The piece feels great as a base layer next to the skin both ways around. The flat side for warmer weather in particular has a great feel. It also has thumbholes so you can pull it over the backs of your hands for cool morning approaches, runs or hikes.

Naturally, long johns designed on the same principles and sporting similar features are also available. The panels on the thighs and rear concentrate the insulation where it’s needed the most, and the rest of the long johns are breathable, lighter, Merino wool with one per cent elastane for stretch.

The result is a piece that is incredibly versatile, durable, washing-machine friendly and perfect for high-output activities like ice climbing, skiing and hiking.

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