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Dipper Creek has Canada’s Most Dangerous Rapids

Dipper Creek Photo Liquid Lore

Dipper Creek in the Squamish Valley has been named among the 10 most dangerous rapids on the planet and has been compared to big water such as the Inga Rapids in Africa.

Dipper Creek weaves through the mountains, canyons, forests and some of the most wild terrain British Columbia has, that isn’t in the alpine.

It’s considered a Class 6 rapid, the only one in Canada and is so dangerous that it’s rarely attempted.

The description on LiquidLore.com says, “Dipper Creek is not something to take lightly. The big waterfalls on this run are not out of the ordinary; it is the incredibly rugged terrain and the inescapability of the Dipper Canyon that raise the stakes of completing the whole run.

Dipper Creek Photo Liquid Lore

“Were you to get hurt, encounter wood or lose your boat there are many places where you simply cannot portage, walk out or be rescued without a monumental effort.

“That being said, Dipper is fully runnable (with a few doable portages) from top to bottom – just put in the time to gather recent beta, scout appropriately and maybe have an escape plan and it’s all good to go.”

The gauntlet is only good to go for about one month of the year as the water comes from glacial run-off, so you have to wait until October for perfect levels.

Most of the creek is pure whitewater with one 15-metre waterfall drop after another through chasms and crevasses with names like Vertigo Gorge and Rock Snot.

Watch headcam footage of a descent of Dipper Creek by Fred Norquist.