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First Look: Tecnica Plasma is Customized Approach Shoe

Customization is the new frontier in apparel and sport, and Tecnica is revolutionizing hiking and outdoor boots with their innovation and exclusive technology.

The first to bring customizable technology to trekking boots, Tecnica uses C.A.S. (Custom Adaptive Shape) technology to combine performance, precision and power with exceptional comfort. This innovation for the outdoors, first introduced the Forge model, the first shoe of its kind.

Launching in April, Tecnica will introduce their second customizable trekking shoe, the Plasma which introduces the same technology in a lower-cut shoe.

The Forge and Plasma are shaped to the foot within 20 minutes at the time of purchase and are created with heat-customizable materials, entirely pre-molded to the Tecnica anatomic patent for the perfect fit.

The progressive design enables enthusiasts to partake in the most varied activities, on any type of terrain and in all conditions. For store location in Canada visit here.

Tecnica Plasma women’s
Tecnica Plasma S GTX women’s
Tecnica Plasma men’s
Tecnica Plasma S GTX men’s