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First Ski Descent of Cerro Pinuer in Patagonia

It's one of only a few ascents of the 2,300-metre peak found in Exploradores Valley, an area made more accessible thanks to a new road in 2010

Chilean climbers Raimundo De Andraca, Javier Galleani, and Nicolas Valderrama have made the first ski descent of Cerro Pinuer (2,300 m) in Valle Exploradores, Patagonia.

The first ascent was by Luis Torres and Javier Galleani a few years ago, making this one of the few ascents of the remote peak. Their ski line followed 1,200 metres down the east face, with snow reportedly in good conditions for austral winter. Read about the FA of Cerro Pinuer here.

As we head into ski season in Canada, we’ll be covering ski safety, new ski lines and ski stories. Follow the climbers below for more South America adventures.