Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

International Trails Day is a day dedicated to celebrate trails, their development, uses and the healthy lifestyle they encourage.

For many years now North America has traditionally celebrated a trails day on the first Saturday in June.

Here are four ways to enjoy this year’s International Trails Day.

Go Hike

Maybe hike a trail you haven’t done before or maybe an area that you don’t often go to.

Canada has countless kilometres of world-class trails, from the west coast’s coastal terrain to the Rockies steep paths to the prairies big sky walks to Ontario and Quebec’s lake-view trails to the east coast’s Atlantic rambles.

Volunteer for Maintenance

It’s easy to forget that the trails you hike are no clear all year and someone goes through to remove debris, trim over-growth, repair bridges, etc.

These are usually volunteers who plan trail maintenance outings several times a year. There are lots of organizations to volunteer with so search online and get to work.

Introduce Hiking to Someone

Take someone hiking who has never been hiking before. Don’t take them on too challenging of a route but something fun with several points of interest and make a day out of it.

Donate to Search and Rescue

Donate to one of the many Search and Rescue (SAR) organizations who are run by volunteers and save numerous lives each year.

Hiking in Gros Morne National Park

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