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Ha Ling Trail/Climbs Closed in 2019 for Construction

Ha Ling Peak is one of the most-hiked and climbed mountains in the Canadian Rockies. On average, there are over 200 people who reach the summit on weekends. The single-track up-and-down hiking trail is often very busy from snow melt until snow fall. Even in the winter with light crampons, hikers reach the summit daily.

The north aspect has a dozen quality rock climbs that attract a number of climbers every spring, summer and fall. The climbers use the hiking trail to descent. Alberta Parks has taken notice of the erosion and congestion problems on the trail and are working to fix the issues.

The mountain was closed to climbers and hikers in 2018 due to trail construction. It will remain closed until the summer or fall 2019.

A press release from Alberta Parks on Aug. 24, 2018, reads: “Please be advised a full mountain closure will be in place for the entire duration of the above time frame. Alberta Parks will not permit access to hiking and climbing routes on Ha Ling Peak during the area closure.

“Heavy equipment and crews will be working in the area to complete trail repairs and upgrades, the hazard of falling rock will remain throughout the duration of the project. To support construction of the new hiking trail alignment, high risk activities including tree and rock removal/placement are required.

“Caution should be used, particularly around heavy equipment in the Goat Creek Trailhead parking lot, and all posted signage and instructions from flagging staff must be obeyed. Please do not remove any pin flags or flagging tape on the mountain.”

Visitors looking for alternatives to Ha Ling Peak can call the Kananaskis Information Line at 1- 403-678-0760 or via a Kananaskis Information Centre such as Barrier Lake, Bow Valley or Peter Lougheed.

For further information about this project, please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Project Map.

2019 Update

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