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He’s Canoeing 12,000 kms on 22 Rivers Across America

A journalist is paddling 12,000 kilometres from the Pacific to Atlantic

Neal Moore, 49, started paddling across the U.S.A. on Feb. 9 2020 in hopes of paddling a 12,000-kilometre 22-river route across 22 states. He’s now canoed 7,000 kilometres and has 5,000 to go.

His plan was to document life in remote parts of the country, but due to covid, his plans of meeting up with people fell through. So, now he’s touring from coast to coast during a pandemic, and mostly alone.

The first section was called To the Great Divide and was 1,800 kilometres up the Columbia, Snake and Fork Rivers to the Continental Divide. The section leg was called To the Big Easy, where he canoed 5,200 kilometres along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. The last push northeast is called To Lady Liberty. Follow along on Instagram and watch a compilation of clips from his first year.

First Year