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Hiker’s Outdated App Ends With Rescue in B.C.

Michael Buckingham spent last night stranded on a ledge on Crown Mountain north of Vancouver and was rescued by North Shore Rescue.

For 12 hours, 37-year-old Buckingham fought to stay warm in chilly conditions.

“Basically, I just thought I was going to die, for 15 hours until the guys turned up,” Buckingham said.

“And they got there and they couldn’t get down until 4 a.m., a guy came down with supplies and they were amazing, so amazing.”

Simon Jackson, search manager for North Shore Rescue, said Buckingham was on the Crown Buttress Trail on the southwest side of Crown.

“Initially we got a helicopter up there to try and get a field team in as close to him as possible but unfortunately because of the weather conditions the helicopter wasn’t able to get in,” Jackson said.

Buckingham was using an app on his phone that had the wrong map, which led him to scramble onto the exposed ledge.