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Huge B.C. Avalanche as Coronavirus Ends Forecasting

The slide closed the Trans Canada Highway near Rogers Pass

The Trans-Canada Highway was closed in both directions between Revelstoke and Golden yesterday 1 p.m. because of an avalanche in Glacier National Park. Drive announced the road’s reopening at about 2:40 a.m. last night.

The big avalanche comes during a time with almost no forecasting from Avalanche Canada due to the coronavirus outbreak that has shuttered most of Canada and closed the National Parks.

There’s been a lot of snowfall over the past 48 hours throughout the Canadian Rockies. Nobody should heading going into the backcountry during this stay-at-home time. Health officials have asked everyone to stick to low-risk activities and stay close to their homes.

On March 20, the Alpine Club of Canada announced: “All ACC backcountry huts remain closed until June 13, 2020.” B.C. and Alberta closed their parks and most climbing and ski areas in Canada have locked the gates to their parking lots. Thanks to everyone for staying home and to our healthcare workers and the folks who are keeping things moving out there on the front line.