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Legendary Skier Bobby Brown Visits Jackson Hole

The innovative skier heads to one of America's best ski resorts

A legendary skier who moves to a legendary land. Taking a break from the podium, Bobby Brown decides to test his mettle by moving to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This is only a small part of Huck Yeah the movie.

Brown was the first to execute multiple variations of a triple flip or triple cork at a training session in Squaw Valley, California. He gained notoriety after winning both the SlopeStyle and Big Air events at Winter X Games XIV, registering a perfect score of 100 in the latter.

Brown was the first person ever to have landed a Switch Double Misty 1440. He was one of the first skiers ever to have landed a Triple Cork 1440. Bobby is known for his tricks in the air, He has successfully landed many triple corks. Brown had a web show called Bobby’s Life, which features his life, friends, and skiing. In addition, Brown was the first skier to win two gold medals in the same Winter X Games.

Bobby Brown in Jackson hole