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Man Dies from Rappelling Accident in Utah

Exact details about the accident aren't known. This is the second rappelling related death in the U.S.A. in the past month

Photo by: Emery County Sheriff's Office

A 41-year-old Colorado man died after falling about 20 metres while climbing in Farnsworth Canyon, Utah, this past weekend. Authorities reported that Arlo Lott Jr. of Steamboat Springs fell when his rappel anchor broke, although no details about the exact details of the incident were mentioned.

A helicopter was called off due to unsafe conditions caused by high winds, so Emery County Search and Rescue, ECSO personnel and Goblin Valley State Park personnel responded and packed rope rescue gear to the scene. After they rappelled to the man and had him ready for transport, the wind had died down enough to allow the helicopter to return to the scene.

Lott’s condition worsened as he was being raised out of the canyon. Once he was out of the canyon, the medical flight crew administered lifesaving measures for nearly one hour before pronouncing the man dead at the scene.

It was the second death in Emery County in as many days. On Friday, 50-year-old Craig Barlow, of Salt Lake City, was watching his friends rappel when the ledge he was sitting on broke loose. He fell 15 metres and died at a hospital.

A climber died after a rappel anchor broke while climbing in Joshua Tree last month, read more about the accident here.

Farnsworth Canyon search and rescue team. Photo Emery County Sheriff’s Office
Lead photo: Emery County Sheriff's Office