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Martina Valmassoi Skis 17.6 km for Uphill World Record

With no specific training, she beat a world record set just last week by an American skier

Champion Italian skier Martina Valmassoi, 31, has broken the women’s 24-hour uphill ski record by climbing 17,645 metres between skiing down the same hill. She beat the old record set earlier this year by Rea Kobl who logged 16,777 metres.

On March 21 and 22, Valmassoi skied non-stop for 23 hours and 44 minutes at Auronzo di Cadore in the Dolomites. She started at 5 p.m. at the base of a 725-metre hill, which she skied up and down with few stops and supported by friends.

The men’s uphill world record is held by Kilian Jornet who skied 23,864 metres in 24 hours. There’s even an indoor uphill ski record set by Callum Mackenzie in 2020 by skiing the 180-metre slope at Manchester’s Chill Factore 200 times, up and down.