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Massive Crowds at Grassi Lakes in Canadian Rockies

Hikers are advised to have a plan-b if there's no parking available

Alberta Parks are open, but non-essential travel is still discouraged. That didn’t stop hundreds of people from heading to Grassi Lakes in the Canadian Rockies.

Cars were illegally parked in ditches and on roads, many of which prevented emergency vehicles. Alberta Parks said: “On May long weekend we saw many visitors parked in ditches, double parked and blocking emergency access. Please avoid busy trails and popular areas. Visit early in the day, so you can head elsewhere if a parking lot is full. Do not park on the shoulder of roads. It is vital for emergency vehicles to have clear access through our parks.”

The Grassi Lakes trail is one of the most popular in the Bow Valley, but hikers should have a plan-b in the event that there’s no parking. Other trails to hike include: West Wind Pass, Old Goat Glacier, EEOR and the Benchlands north of Canmore. Grassi Lakes rock climbing crags were also overflowing with people.